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Horizon Pharmacy


Horizon Pharmacy is a closed door pharmacy providing quality pharmacy services to long term care clients and the clinics and facilities that support them.  Our system promotes clear communication between prescriber, pharmacy, and consumer.  Horizon Pharmacy is centrally located in Warwick, Rhode Island with the ability to serve clinics and facilities throughout the state.  Horizon Pharmacy accepts and works with all insurances and charges no additional fees for packaging and delivery services. 

The majority of our prescriptions will be filled using a multi-dose packaging system called Medicine on Time (MOT).  On average, the MOT system produces a medication compliance rate of 95.7%.  The MOT system utilizes color-coded blister pack frames which include the patient’s name, medication, and dosing along with the date and times the medication should be taken.  Horizon Pharmacy can also provide as needed medications, antibiotics, and maintenance medications.   

Deliveries to clinics and facilities will occur daily and should be checked in by a nurse or their designee and safely stored for distribution to their patients.  Horizon Pharmacy can also deliver to a facility's group home or supervised apartment program.  We will only deliver to facilities that have qualified staff available to accept the delivery.